Monday, March 21, 2011

Dancing With the Stars

I love, love, LOVE DWTS! So I am going to blog about the show, LOL!

First up, Chelsea Kane: I really liked her dance! It was very high energy and she seemed to get all the steps in. I do agree with the judges that she needs to extend more, but for the very first dance of the season, she rocked it!

Wendy Williams: I'm a little surprised at how poorly she did considering she said in here promo that she is big and loud. She wasn't big and bold at all. Very timid and not like her personality at all. I hope she sticks around because I think she can work it and it will be awesome.

P.S. I'm not sure how I feel about Brooke's dress. It has a lot going on and not my favorite thing she has ever worn. But she is a beauty and so sweet so she can wear whatever she feels like!

Hines Ward: Wow! Awesome, awesome dance! He swiveled and grooved and full of energy! He had great timing and musicality. I loved it!

Petra Nemcova: No matter how she dances, her story of survival is so inspiring! She did ok. Not fabulous, but definitely not the worst I have ever seen at all! She was very charming, as Len said. And she is just a sweetie! I hope she survives the cut next week.

Romeo: well he can't possibly do any worse than his dad, Master P! Lol! That guy was AWFUL! His shoes are definitely sparkly! Ok, I'm not that impressed. His energy was good but he just didn't dance that well. He looked like he was club dancing and not ballroom dancing. I love his partner, Chelsea so I hope they can go really far.

Sugar Ray Leonard: he is trying so hard! Lol! He looks really uncomfortable in hold but looks good side by side. I liked it! Len is an idiot, btw. Bruno totally called it!! LOL! He said SRL looked like a ninja turtle in hold. BWAHAHAHA! But I still liked it!

Kendra Wilkenson: I love Kendra. She makes me laugh so hard. I hope she rocks it out in this competition!!! She did a good job! Lots of energy, very sexy, nice moves! Her steps weren't super clean, but she had some really hard choreography and she totally went for it! Go, Kendra, go Kendra, go Kendra!

Ralph Macchio: He's 49 years old. How is that possible?? Nice lines! He has definitely got the performance element down! So fun to watch. He did a great job. They did the best so far tonight by far.

Chris Jericho: he is total performer so he should be entertaining. He has a weird body type for dancing and he doesn't really seem to be dancing as much as walking around while Cheryl danced. No hip action at all. But he definitely knows how to work a crowd!

Mike Catherwood: First of all, what is up with Lacey's hair??! Ok so on to the dancing. ;) Oh, yeah, he's bad. Stiff and awkward. Poor Psycho Mike --- it was awful! Um, yeah..hmmmm...I was trying to think of something positive to say, but there just isn't much.

Kirsty Ally: she is working it out!!!! She has the footwork and the performance and the energy. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! My favorite so far!

Ok well this season is going to be so awesome!! Only two really bad dances and some really exceptional ones, so I am excited!! Anyone else watching??


Julie Weaver said...

Nerd! I watched a couple of the dancers with Madeline. She was in LOVE.

amazz said...

I used to let Kami watch until she started dancing like a hootchie-mama. She would go put on her dress-up clothes and make Taylor dance with her, but when she started actually striking provocative poses, I cut her off. LOL! Now I record it and watch it after they go to bed. ;)